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USDA Certified, Aged 28 days 

12  Pork Chops 

20  Ground Pork (lbs)

12  Sausage-hot, mild, medium (lbs)

 6  Regular Bacon 

 4  Salt Pork  

 6  Jowl Bacon

 2  Shoulder Roasts

 2  Boston Butt

 2  Picnic Roast

 1  Pork Tenderloin

 4  Pork Rib Slabs (pks)


Half Pork - Pasturized, USDA Certified

  • 50% Deposit Required.  4-8 week delivery depending on date of order. Please see our order fulfillment schedule for more details.  Feel free to contact us directly to personalize your needs.

    ~Missy (615) 403-5181

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