Grill Pack


Farm raised just for you, from our farm to your table.  

Do you know where your meat comes from? 

We Do! 

Monthly Farm 2 Car:

*Pressed for time? Try our Farm 2 Car to simplify and find work/life balance.  

We are kicking off our monthly F2C early this fall.  As the markets start to close for the season, this program allows us to provide healthy meats all year long.  Right in your neighborhood!


Our small family farm is located in Macon County, TN.

Fourth generation farming is committed to providing delicious, healthful meats to your family.  Our goal is to share with you and your loved ones the same goodness that has always been a part of our lives.  

Our grass fed, grass finished livestock graze on entirely open pasture.  Our land is free of chemicals, pesticides and harmful fertilizers.  We raise our stock without the use of hormones and antibiotics in a safe, natural environment.

Enjoy Our Special Recommendations

20 lb Ground Beef $6 per lb

20 lb Ground Beef $6 per lb

$140.00Regular Price$120.00Sale Price
3 for $24 All Beef Links

3 for $24 All Beef Links

$27.00Regular Price$24.00Sale Price
Breakfast Sausage 5lb for $20

Breakfast Sausage 5lb for $20

$25.00Regular Price$20.00Sale Price